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Community. Fairness. Respect.

Hospitality United

Hospitality United is the voice of hospitality workers across Queensland, a community of 1000s of QLD hospo workers coming together to unite the hospitality industry.

Hospitality United is:

- Your support network to improve your rights & conditions at work (secure work, fair pay, safe working conditions)

 - A crucial resource to help save your penalty rates

-  A way to connect with your fellow hospo workers online, at social events & in the workplace

-  Your info & advice line for all hospo workplace issues

-  Community, fairness & respect for all hospo workers.

Hospitality United is a community of proud Qld hospos led by United Voice Queensland to give hospitality workers the support & opportunities they need to protect the penalty rates they work hard for, the rights & conditions they're entitled to, & to ensure they're treated with the fairness & respect that every hospo deserves. 

Join Hospitality United today.