Santa & Senior Elves Tell Clubs Qld: "There's Still Time to Get on My List"

As Clubs Qld enjoy their annual industry Christmas cocktails & luncheon at Moda Events, Portside Wharf in Hamilton today, Hospitality United have called in a favour from a friend from the North to deliver an urgent Christmas message. 

Santa and his two most senior elves popped in to Hospitality United to deliver a cheeky message to Clubs Qld - there’s still time to get on the right side of his Christmas list by committing to continuing to pay their staff penalty rates for weekends and public holidays irrespective of the outcome of the Fair Work Commission in February.


While this time of year is extremely busy for Santa & his helpers, Santa said, “This is a very important issue. Penalty rates matter and I was more than happy to take time out of my busy schedule to support the hospitality workers who sacrifice precious time with their friends and family throughout the year and over the Christmas & new year public holidays to bring joy and cheer to others....Believe me. I know what it’s like”


Hospitality United, a new community representing Queensland hospitality workers, led by United Voice, has been calling on Clubs such as the Southport Sharks & the Redlands Sporting Club (which shares the same President with Clubs Qld, Don Seccombe) to guarantee they will continue to pay the penalty rates that so many hospitality workers rely on just to get by, especially over the festive season.


"Things aren't as bad these days with new high-speed sleigh technology, but working in the lead up to Christmas and over the Christmas period meant a lot of time away from Mrs Clause so the issue of penalty rates is one that is especially close to my heart." Mr Clause confirmed that all of his elves who work weekends and public holidays, received full penalty rates and he has publicly committed to continuing to pay full penalty rates regardless of the outcome of the Fair Work Commission.

"Happy elves mean happy children the world over and more and more business each year from children who have a 'good Christmas experience'. Everyone wins when we treat our workers with fairness & respect and compensate them fairly for the time they spend away from their families working unsociable hours to serve and bring joy to others".


With the decision from the Fair Work Commission happening right now, we must act urgently to protect penalty rates for those hospos who give up their weekends and public holidays so the rest of us can have a good time.  

It is important to create awareness in the community and to bring together members of the hospitality industry, concerned citizens & good employers who know paying penalty rates is not only the right thing to do but the best thing for business. We need to let employers like Clubs Queensland know they won’t accept cuts to weekend & public holiday penalty rates, regardless of the outcome of the Fair Work Commission in February.

Redlands Sporting Club, while telling staff and members they have ‘no plans’ to implement cuts to penalty rates have refused to publicly commit to not do so and, as a member of Clubs Qld/Clubs Australia, have supported a submission to the Fair Work Commission actively recommending penalty rate cuts.

A recent Reachtel poll conducted by United Voice found that 76% of people support penalty rates even if they don’t rely on them themselves, - the poll also showed the majority of people would view as 'negatively' or 'very negatively', any employer that cut penalty rates. (The Age - 27th November, 2016) 

Can you Help Santa & his Elves Share this Message?

Can you join Santa & Hospitality United to call on Clubs Qld to commit to continuing to pay their hard-working hospo staff weekend & public holiday penalty rates regardless of the outcome of the FWC in February?

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